The popular photo-sharing site Instagram, owned by Facebook, has reportedly sent out invites to members of the media to an event. The handing out of physical invites, came as a surprise to most people as Instagram is known to ‘live’ online.

The invitation for an event on December 12th at the New York City was sent in an Instagram photo printed on a wooden canvas.

While, some believe that the company could unleash a new feature, others are under the impression that a much bigger issue is likely to be made public.

Whatever the subject of the photo-sharing service sending out invitation seems tempting yet mysterious, and the media has been called to ‘share a moment’ with the team.

The invite hasn’t been emailed to the journalists. Instead, the invite has been actually mailed to them. This unusual behavior, by the Instagram team is only making this mysterious event even more mysterious.

While the purpose of the event stays unknown, a lot of speculations about the event are running through the air. The fact that the photo-sharing app, sent out printed invites, could suggest that Instagram may be going offline, so as to say that the company may start its own printing service.

As ridiculous as that sounds it may have some sense into it. With the growing technology, people are walking towards desktops, laptops, tablets and other gadgets which are fast replacing the papers and pens. At this time of the era, why would a well established socially inclined app want to enter into a lower level of trade and commerce.

Another noteworthy observation by some people on the internet suggests that Christmas is on its way. Photo sharing, editing apps will come in handy during everybody’s favorite festival. With Christmas, a huge boost in income levels of Instagram is likely to be seen.

Besides, Instagram may announce an additional new feature to its app, which is facing greater competition from Snapchat, and could possibly add a new feature for messaging.

While messaging is inevitable, the possibility of being the new feature on Instagram is relatively high. On the other hand, Instagram’s parent Facebook, was in the past pretty jealous of Snapchat and its success. It could be a way to take the competition to a new level.

No sooner did the message of Instagram event go out online, people started making their own assumptions regarding the whole event. However, no matter what people say or think, it’s only on December 12th that the whole online world will find out why this mysterious event was called for.