In an attempt to protect its users from the interference with the NSA, Microsoft took the decision to encrypt all the messages being sent from the computer to the server. In fact the Redmond Giant, has decided upon objecting access requested by the government confirmed that before the end of the coming year, it will encrypt all the user’s stored content.

Brad Smith, the general counsel and the executive vice president of Microsoft said, “Many of our customers have serious concerns about government surveillance of the Internet. We share their concerns. That’s why we are taking steps to ensure governments use legal process rather than technological brute force to access customer data.” He further informed that the company is likely to use 2048-bit encryption key.

While the company has already put into action the HTTPS encryption, the computer specialist and the former CIA agent,Edward Snowden has reported of NSA spying on Microsoft in the hope of catching some unencrypted information, through Google and Yahoo without their knowledge.

Microsoft has made a couple of promises to its customers, for the sake of winning their trust. The promises include, the company will encrypt all the communication services and platforms which include Outlook, Skydive, Office and Windows Azure.

The company will also encrypt all the customer’s data that is stored in its service. Another noteworthy promise made by the company is that it will work with other companies to ensure a free flow of information without illegal invasion.

Microsoft has also claimed to strengthen its legal stand, for the protection of its customer’s data. The company plans to tighten up the security for its users and ensure that whenever an order of access has been received for a specific client, the company will first inform the client.

In its attempt to maintain absolute transparency, Microsoft has decided to open several centers in Asia, Europe, and America.

Unsure to tell which date precisely all these promises will be fulfilled for a fact, Smith has said that the protection for the company’s customers would be strengthen by the end of 2014. However, he said that some of the services will be put into action at the earliest. The benefits and drawbacks of the steps taken by Microsoft to ensure protection for its customers cannot be told. However, with time, the importance of these measures will show up, in spite of the fact that the company is only doing this to earn the goodwill of its customers.


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