Christmas is just around the corner, and for those who didn’t have the sense to pre-order their Xbox One or PlayStation 4, the only option left is eBay, where you’re able to purchase either console. However, because demand is so high right now, money-obsessed scammers are on the prowl for unsuspecting victims who aren’t that cautious of the dangers of auction-based shopping.

Right now, there’re a few scams going around the auction site where scammers are selling boxes, pictures, and guides, all in which are being purchased by customers who aren’t reading the product information, thinking that they’re actually either one of the latest consoles – the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

You may be reading this article and wondering what you should be looking out for. Firstly, it’s 100% important for you to check out what sort of auction you are taking part in, and if it’s actually for a legitimate console because believe it or not, you will get scammed if you’re not too careful.

For example, some scammers have been trying to get users to purchase boxes and pictures of the consoles, which isn’t going to go down well if a loved one is expecting either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. So because of this, you’ll want to have a look around the auction page, making sure that somewhere it states that the actual product on sale is, in fact, a console, and nothing else.

Scammers have been very wicked, quietly stating in the fine print that the auction is actually for an item other than an actual console, demanding high prices and covering themselves when doing so. As well as this, some other scams have included product guides, tacky accessories and pieces of paper with a list of retailers on them. And let’s be honest, what would you prefer: a piece of paper, or the actual console?

Another thing which you should do (which goes for purchasing any product on eBay), is to check the seller’s feedback, also keeping in contact with them before you actually end up spending the money. It will give you some piece of mind, helping convince yourself that you’re transacting with a normal human being, and not some internet criminal trying to con you into a doggy purchase.

Don’t be put off by this, by all means, because there are some eBay auctioneers out there who can be trusted and are true to their word. But if you want this year’s festive season to be a good one, then you must be careful.