Microsoft is offering today Surface 2 and Pro 2 Complete Bundle for $99 and $199 respectively for first 20 buyers, as part of 12 Days of Deals promotion.

Christmas is just around the corner, and in order to celebrate, Microsoft is throwing a 12 Days of Deals promotion both in their physical stores and online. One of their most renowned deals had to be the Dell Venue 8 Pro, which got a massive discount to just $199 (and $99 for the first 20 customers who purchase one).

Starting Day 6 of the special offer (today, December 14), you’ll be able to get your hands on the Surface 2 Complete Bundle for just $149 ($99 for the 20 first customers), and the Surface Pro Complete Bundle for $249 ($199 for the first 20 customers).

It sounds amazing, although what exactly is a “Complete Bundle”, you may be wondering, but the complete bundles are just a discounted accessories packages, which are:

  • Surface 2 Complete Bundle ($149, regular $253.98): Type Cover 2 ($129), Incipio Case ($34.99), $25 Gift Card. 2-year warranty
  • Surface Pro 2 Complete Bundle ($249, regular $348.97): Touch Cover 2 ($119), Office 365 subscription ($99), Incipio Screen protector ($19.99), Premium Software support ($99), 2 year warranty

So, you won’t actually be getting either tablet included with the bundle. Instead, you’ll just be getting a discounted accessory package. But in all fairness, you are getting quite a bargain, considering that the regular packages cost $253.98 and $348.97 each. It’s going to be a great deal if you’re planning to purchase a Surface 2 or Surface 2 Pro for a loved one as each individual accessory does have a premium price behind it.

Anyhow, the deal isn’t going to last forever so it may be worth noting down the offer will start at 7:00 AM PST. And again, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of Microsoft’s bargains during their sale in their physical stores and online. Make this a happy Xmas for you, your family and friends, and save some money at the same time.


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