Speculations running high that Google is certainly ambitious to get its way through for every living room in the world, and reportedly working on the new set-top box called Nexus TV.

The new set-top unit is likely to run on Android, and will have the ability to stream videos from Youtube, Netflix and Hulu. Certain video games for players are also at disposable for the Nexus TV user.

Whether it’s a rumor or not is still unknown, as an unnamed Google employee let out this piece of information. The rumors of Android set-top box have been in the air since July this year. However, the employee informed that the Nexus TV is likely to launch by the second half of 2014.

While, the set-top box is said to have a Kinect-like motion sensor and can be controlled by any Android smartphone, there’re other rumors which suggest that it will come with a touchpad remote control.

According to a certain report, Google’s Android set-top box is likely to make its debut next year in the fall, and other sources suggest that the Nexus TV won’t enable live broadcast.

Internet TV

Although, this idea of Android-based television isn’t the first time that has come into public, Google might be the first to actually produce one. Earlier, tech giants like Intel and Apple have been rumored to be working on a similar television device of their own respective companies. However, for some reasons they either failed to produce it or the launch has been supposedly delayed. If Google’s Nexus TV is, merely, not just a rumor, then it may be the first to actually come up with an internet based television set.

Google’s strategies appear to be precisely similar to that of the Amazon. As the online shopping website is speculated to have its own set-top box out by next year. With no official confirmation by Google, the Nexus TV is just another rumor. However, if television set rumors are actually true, then the Android TV won’t come out for any cheaper price.

The Nexus TV with Android set-top box and touchpad remote control sounds exorbitant, but so will its service be. Being the first internet based television device, Nexus TV will surely pave its path into millions of living rooms around the world. However, one can only wait until next year to find out what Google has in store for us.