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China Mobile to launch Apple iPhone 5S/5C along with 4G services this month


After years of waiting, the moment has finally arrived, when China is granted 4G licenses thus entering into an era of high-speed telecom network.

For years, China has been one of the very few markets where the tech giant Apple’s iPhones weren’t made available. However, with times things are bound to change. The country’s most popular carrier China Mobile has recently signed a deal with Apple’s iPhone.

The most populous country of the world has been patiently waiting for this deal since 2010, when the country’s famous carrier revealed that was in talks with Apple.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the two companies have signed the deal just recently. However, no exact date is presented as to precisely when will the China Mobile actually launch the long-awaited iPhone in the Chinese market.

Based on media speculations, this epic launch is likely to take place on December 18th. However, there’s no substantial evidence to support this piece of information. The iPhone is also rumored to be available on a 4G service network.

China Mobile is likely to join the country’s two other leading carriers, the China Telecom and China Unicom, in its attempt to sell iPhones.

So the question that hits everybody’s mind is why the delay? Well, for three years the two companies have been talking, and in the three years, they failed to build a mutual understanding. The primary obstruction in iPhone’s path to reach China was the technology.

Apparently, the chip which was being used within iPhones didn’t support TD-SCDMA, which was chiefly used by China Mobile. However, what changed this year is the fact that the chip supplier, began making chips that not only supported TD-SCDMA standard but also the chips that supported the 4G standard of China Mobile, TD-LTE.

With the 4G licenses passed earlier this week, and the contract between China Mobile and Apple finally reaching a conclusion, Apple’s iPhone smartphones are likely to see China after the 18th of December this year. The smartphone will be sold on the China Mobile network, and an estimate of about 10 million subscribers after the launch of 4G service with iPhone is expected.

Better late than never. Although, it took 3 entire years for the two companies, Apple and China Mobile, to reach a common agreement, millions of Chinese subscribers can smile with joy as the new year comes closer. iPhone is finally coming to China.

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