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Yahoo buys Evntlive to serve “Best Content and Video Experiences”

The online platform, Evntlive, which broadcasts live concerts has been acquired by Yahoo. The news was announced by the two companies on Friday; however no additional information was given out.

“We are excited to announce that we have been acquired by Yahoo!” tweeted the digital concert venue team.

The company, founded in the second half of 2011, has raised up to $2.3 million, it was launched in beta during April 2012.

Evntlive is going to shut down, however, eight of its employees will be working at the Sunnyvale, California headquarters of Yahoo.

A year old company had streamed many performances coming from artists and festivals. The company also streamed interviews with artists and music videos on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The company wrote on their official website: “Since launching our beta service in April 2013, we have live streamed hundreds of performances from amazing artists and festivals to fans all over the world. Although our service will no longer be available, we are excited to be joining Yahoo’s video team.”

Now the big question that pops up in everybody’s mind is how will Yahoo make use of such young talent? In response, Yahoo’s representative let out a statement “The team has found a way to truly make an experience out of live-streaming and we’re excited to welcome them to Yahoo. We see a lot of potential for how we can expand upon our shared vision for an entertaining content consumption experience.”

While, the purpose of this deal remains unknown, a lot of speculations seem to be floating in the air. Katie Couric, who is a long time TV network anchor, was hired by Yahoo to be the global anchor for the company.

This particularly may seem completely unrelated, however, some dots can be connected between the two. Marrisa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo said, “At Yahoo, we are investing in bringing our users the absolute best content and video experiences available”

Some also say that Yahoo will stream live concerts of some fabulous personalities while others have their own doubts.

The connection may take shape with time. Evntlive, on the other hand is likely to shut down in a couple of months, and the terms of the deal between the two companies are yet to be disclosed. However, we believe that Yahoo is desperately trying to surprise its users with something big.

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