Its all surprise for millions of Samsung lovers across the globe, as the South Korean manufacturer uploaded a teaser video on its official YouTube channel, yesterday.

No sooner did the video come on the internet that the speculations regarding the highly speculated handset have already been made. The video is being considered as the official announcement of the 5th edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S series, Galaxy S5, but the smartphone is Galaxy J, likely to make its debut tomorrow at a press event in Taiwan.

Galaxy J is rumored to be another exorbitant phone that the company will release. However, the similarity between the new smartphone and gossiped Galaxy S5 are remarkable.

For some, Galaxy J is a metallic Galaxy S5. Interesting new addition into the Samsung smartphones since this will probably be the first metallic smartphone venture for the company.

Although the teaser video doesn’t really reveal much about the spectacular looking phone, it gives out many hints about the upcoming phone. Expressing the device as “Just Fit, Just Simple, Just Elegant, Just Fast and Just For You”, the video ends with a small line at the end “Coming Soon”.

The video also showed the presence of LTE for the new smartphone. However, it’ll be available only in some regions.

The long time rumored high-end smartphone is likely to feature a 5-inch full HD display. Running on Snapdragon 800 chipset, the phone will come with a 3 GB RAM memory and a micro SD slot to expand storage for music, pictures and videos.

The rear camera, with an optical image stabilization, is conjectured to have 13.2-megapixel. The smartphone will be powered by a 2600 mAh battery.

The specifications regarding Galaxy J are freakishly similar to that of the rumored specs of Galaxy S5. Besides the metallic body, while Galaxy S5 would run on Android 4.4, Galaxy J is rumored to make its debut with Android 4.3

Although the two highly rumored smartphones have a lot in common, the teaser video released by Samsung, showcases Galaxy J. While millions of Samsung lovers desperately wait for tomorrow, we can only wait to see if this anticipated smartphone actually makes its debut tomorrow for real or not.