Apple is celebrating as its App Store has finally crossed One Million apps milestone almost 5 years after its launch.

At the grand iPad event earlier this week, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook announced the tremendous achievement made by the company.

An apps discovery platform, Appsfire, has presented data suggesting that Apple has crossed one million apps mark, with a sum of 1,006,557 apps available.

Although, Apple had already claimed in October, of having one million apps to download globally, and the first time, the app discovery platforms observed the company’s US store reach one million.

Ever since the App Store inaugurated in 2008, the company has allowed up to 1,439,451 apps approximately in its global catalog.

Out of the million apps waiting for download, about 900000 are available for iPhone and half a million for iPad.

The tech giant has reportedly paid the App Store developers about $13 billion. A little walk down the memory lane, when Apple reached the 50 billion downloads worldwide, in May this year, the company celebrated and offered a $10,000 gift card. However, fans across the globe are now awaiting for the company to reach the 100 billion milestone, and see what Apple chooses to offer.