Games are addictive. When a person is bored, waiting for somebody, or even travelling, a nice game can’t just keep him engaged, but it can also raise his mood again.

Cut the Rope isn’t just any other game, it’s a game loved by millions of iPhone lovers, and this time, it returns with a sequel.

Announced earlier in September, the Russian gaming company, ZeptoLab has now officially announced the sequel of the most famous game, which is likely to make its debut on the App Store on December 19th.

‘Cut the Rope’ made its first appearance in 2010, was an overnight success, which lead to two more titles ‘Cut the Rope: Experiments’ and ‘Cut the Rope: Time Travel’

In the first edition of the game, the task was easy. At each level, several candies were hung on titular ropes. These ropes were expected to be cut by the player with a simple swipe of their finger.

With the help of other objects like bellows and the floating bubbles, the candy has to get into Om Nom’s mouth.

As the level increases, the challenges also increase. The scoring at each level ranges from 0 to 3 stars. The points scored by the player is based on the number of stars collected by the player and the total time taken to complete a level, by him.

While both the original and the spin-offs did incredibly well in their attempt to capture people’s attention, the fresh new sequel is rightfully expected to do marvelous in its first day itself.

The chief executive officer of ZeptoLab, Misha Lyalin said, “We wanted [Cut the Rope 2] to have very new game mechanics, and we felt that this is a very different game, so it deserves a number 2.”

So what new changes have been added to the famous game?

Besides a more profound storyline, and introduction of new characters, the game is set in a rather more interactive surroundings.

The setting of the sequel is in a forest, with the same old Polygon, Om Nom and the candies tied with the ropes. The goal is also the same that is to cut the ropes strategically. However, new helper characters like Toss, Blue, Boo and Lick will make the game more interesting.

Disappointment for the non-iOS users, as the sequel will release on the Apple’s App Store only.

While the company promised of introducing significant new mechanics in their sequel, a number of fans can’t wait for the 19th to pop up in order to find out what’s new.