Last week, Motorola unleashed an open-source initiative called Project Ara that deals with a hardware platform. With the advancements in research and technology, one fact is undeniable that anything and everything is possible.

Different customers have different needs and Motorola’s Project Ara has targeted this key factor. Imagine when consumers would be able to build their very own smartphones.

Project Ara aims at developing a hardware platform that will allow customers to develop their own smartphones simply by breaking modular parts into a frame.

The Google owned company has been reportedly working on the project for over a year now, and now is making the design process available to the public.

First Moto X and now Project Ara, one thing that is common between the two is the ambition of providing customizable devices.


While, Moto X allows its users to choose the back panel and external accents by selecting from a number of colors, Project Ara aims at letting the users customize the phone’s display, camera, keyboard, battery and even the processor.

As mentioned earlier, different customers have different needs. On one hand, an aspiring photographer would want a full HD camera and display with the camera flooded with megapixels while on the other hand, an avid traveler would want a phone with a long battery life.

The advantages of a modular design are innumerable. In general, if our smartphone’s screen or a specific part of the device is damaged, we find ourselves disposing off the old phone and buying yet another expensive phone.

However, with a modular design, a cracked screen can be replaced by a brand new screen without any hurdle.

In its attempt to create a truly spectacular mobile device, the company doesn’t wish to disclose any further information regarding the design. However, in a recent blog post, Motorola shared its intention which is “to give you the power to decide what your phone does, how it looks where and what it’s made of, how much it costs, and how long you’ll keep it,”

The project opens up a new world. And yet again it has been proved that technology can surpass anything. If such a phone is going to make an appearance in the future, not only will the trade and commerce around the world change, but a whole new generation of phones will enter our lives.

A smartphone in the true sense is on its way, and Motorola’s Project Ara will make this happen.