Microsoft has no intention to compete with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, as its investments are directed towards other sectors. However, continuing to update regularly Socl, the social network created in 2011 as an experimental project, the Redmond Company has released the first app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8, thus opening the doors to mobile users.

For those who have never heard of Socl, it’s a social network that allows you to express your personal taste by publishing visual content (images, videos and links), and meme-style short clips like Vine. At the same time, the content can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. The interface of all three apps is essentially similar with slight difference in terms of font rendering and graphics. Although, the functionality is exactly same, so the user experience doesn’t need jump from one to another.

Here’s the list of features included in the app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8:

  • Create beautiful collages and funny memes in seconds.
  • Share your creations on Socl, as well as your other favorite social networks.
  • Create visual responses (“riffs”) to existing content.
  • Snap a picture and share it on Socl.
  • Receive notifications about community activity on the content you love.
  • Organize the content you love in collections.
  • Connect with new and interesting people worldwide.

Socl for Android | Socl for iOS | Socl for Windows Phone 8


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