WhatsApp is finally available on the Blackberry 10 platform. One of the most popular and widely used cross platform messaging service has come to the Blackberry 10 operating system. Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10 users can now download the app from the Blackberry Store.

New Blackberry smartphones will no longer have the limitation of not being able to communicate with your friends and family using one of the most popular cross platform messaging service. You will no longer have to pay for SMS and no longer have to feel bad if you have switched to the Blackberry platform from an Android or iOS platform.


The official WhatsApp app for the Blackberry 10 will be very much similar to the one that is available on other platforms. It will allow users to send and receive messages, images and videos with your friends and family regardless of what mobile platform they are on. You can use your carrier data network or a standard Wi-Fi connection in order to make use of this application.

WhatsApp messenger on the Blackberry 10 is no simple port or just an application that allows user to use the popular service. The app is a full fletched application just like the one available on the Android and iOS platform. It provides you with all the features that are available on other platforms and also provides instant push notifications for incoming messages and the full integration with your BlackBerry contacts.

WhatsApp has always been about connecting users across different platforms. The addition of Blackberry 10 to the list of supported platforms has not only improved the standard of Blackberry but also improved the standard of the application itself. Every major mobile platform is now supported by WhatsApp including Android, iOS and Blackberry. If you own a Blackberry 10 device, then go ahead and download WhatsApp from the Blackberry World store today!