According to mobile analytics firm Mixpanel, sales of iPhone 5S have passed a 10 percent usage rate among other iPhone models.

It’s something for Apple to be proud of as it shows that there’s more interest in the new 5S when compared to its predecessor, with two and three times the rate of users adopting it.

The 5S isn’t just Apple’s only iPhone that’s currently doing well, with the iPhone 5C doing better than it was expected to. The firm’s findings state that the iPhone 5 progressed at around 0.25 to 0.5 percent per week, which is about 3x the adoption rate of the 5C – meaning that both handsets are on the same wavelength when it comes to recent sales – not bad at all, in all honesty.

However, the iPhone 5S is still the hotter iPhone to go for, which seems to be creating relatively high profit margins for Apple, although keeping track of overall demand could be a big issue for them.

As well as, it’s also been confirmed that three-quarters of all Apple’s mobile devices are now running on iOS 7, the latest version of their popular mobile operating system. Earlier this week, Chitika also reported numbers nearly identical to Apple’s, showing 74.1 percent of devices using iOS 7.

iOS 7 adoption rate Dec 2013

Apple started rolling out its iOS 7 platform back in September, which received an amazing response from tech-savvy Apple users who wanted to get their hands on the latest version of the OS. It was then shipped from the same month on all of Apple’s compatible products.

The extent of Apple’s success with iOS 7 can also be proven by the fact that for seven days prior to Dec. 1, 74 percent of all Apple devices accessing the App Store ran on the new OS.

These stats also prove that Apple is still doing well as a mobile devices manufacturer, constantly being able to push out successful announcements and software updates – so well done to them.