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Apple patents curved touchscreen; iPhone 6 could be convex


It’s only been a few months since the launch of iPhone 5S, and already rumors of its successor have started to flock in, with more stimulation being added into the mix thanks to a new curved touchscreen patent that was filed yesterday.

The news comes from AppleInsider, claiming that the patent will allow Apple to create a curved touchscreen that will remain completely touch sensitive without affecting the overall image quality – and it’s likely to be used with future devices that include mobile devices and future touch mice.

According to the actual patent, Apple’s new technology is a lot different when compared to existing curved touchscreen methods, with it supposedly sporting a method for a screen that varies in terms of curvature, though these sort of handsets are definitely more futuristic than reality.

If and when Apple were to actually announce an iPhone with curved touchscreen, then they’ll be able to take advantage of its sloping sides by implementing touch-sensitive buttons for controlling things such as brightness and volume – a certain feature that has been introduced in the form of a concept on many occasions.

Again, we’ll probably see this technology used with future Apple mobile devices and accessories, but according to a recent Bloomberg report, it’s looking certain that the tech will, in fact, be used for a new iPhone model – potentially a redesigned iPhone 6.

When we do actually see the tech announced in the form of a new iPhone, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if other mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung and LG joined the party, creating similar devices. However, over the past few years, Apple has been adopting new technologies later than others, but exposing their full potential.

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