Surprising but true, Nokia is still developing or may going to release Android smartphone codenamed “Normandy,” according to The Verge.

Inheriting the design and feel of Lumia family, the smartphone is considered as the next step in the evolution of the Finnish company, adjacent to Asha lineup. Sources, familiar with the company’s plans, revealed that Nokia had totally overhauled Android according to its needs, like what Amazon does for its Kindle Fire line.

Specializing in leaks @evleaks on Twitter had published an image of the handset in late November – identical to a Lumia series — not showing the standard navigation buttons for Windows Phone.

The smartphone was now at an advanced stage and likely to arrive on the market sometime in 2014, but it probably won’t go further as Microsoft will indeed send Normandy in the laboratory for good because the it couldn’t go hand in hand with a division, which invests its resources on a rival project.


Although, it’s not so clear whether Microsoft intends to pursue the strategy, but it’s understood that Normandy wouldn’t see the light. The US and EU Antitrust have already approved the Nokia acquisition by Microsoft that will be concluded early 2014.

At present, the fate of Normandy is unknown, and the story is full of “ifs” and “buts.” Moreover, the project is said to be “full steam ahead,” and Nokia may release the Android smartphone before the Microsoft-Nokia transaction. Earlier, there were rumors that Microsoft would be closing the Asha line next year.

Via: The Verge