Samsung Galaxy S4 is reportedly vulnerable to catch fire and explode. After a Youtube user, GhostlyRich uploaded a video exactly a week ago, Samsung attempted to silence the customer with tempting and flagrant offer.

However, sadly for the company, the angry customer opted to use the social media to unleash Samsung’s reaction to the video.

The video disclosed the damage that was caused to a Galaxy S4 after having caught fire while the phone was on charging. The owner of the smartphone claims that he was using the original Samsung charger. He shows how the fire had caused damage to the charging pin, the phone’s cover and back panel. As clearly visible in the video, the incident has caused minor damage to the hardware. The charging port, on the other hand, is thoroughly burnt and can’t be used any longer.

Assuming that the smartphone was under warranty, the company has reportedly sent a letter to the owner. According to the letter, the company is willing to replace the handset, if and only the user removes the video from YouTube.

The letter sent by Samsung also mentions that the details of the settlement must be kept in complete privacy, and GhostlyRich wasn’t expected to disclose them. However, instead of abiding with the company, GhostlyRich chose to upload a second video revealing the letter he received from Samsung. A soft copy of the letter has also been uploaded on the internet.

It’s bad news for the South Korean giant as the technique used by the company has caused it to face more embarrassment globally. While, the first video secured 679,437 views within a week, the second video uploaded by GhostlyRich about 5 days ago has 954,724 views already.

This isn’t the first time that a cell phone, rather a smartphone has been reported to have caught fire. Samsung’s devices have been reported in blaze quite a few times earlier.

A couple of years ago, a Galaxy Note battery was reported to have exploded in a man’s pocket, in South Korea, causing severe burns and about an inch long wound on his thigh. On the other hand, in June, an apartment in Hong Kong was destroyed by fire that seemed to have started from the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone which was charging at that time. About a month later, a teenager from Switzerland was reportedly suffering from intensive damage as her Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone had exploded while it was in her pocket.

These are only some of the incidences that have been reported publicly. Although, Samsung isn’t the only company whose phones and phablets seem to have caused explosions, it certainly is the company who didn’t take ethical steps towards improvising its devices or giving better services.

While Samsung tried to bargain a deal with GhostlyRich this week, its efforts completely backfired, leaving the reputation of the company questionable.