After the launch of Nokia Lumia 2520 in October at Abu Dhabi, it’s time to welcome the smaller version of the Lumia tablet family, Lumia 2020. It’s rumored to be coming out with an 8-inch display screen in contrast with its predecessor, which has a 10-inch screen.

The upcoming Windows tablet, rumored to be packed with a quad core Snapdragon 800 processor chip, a 8.3-inch 1920×1080 pixel IPS LCD display, has been reported of being tested in India. Disguised under the code name RX-115, Lumia 2020 is likely to present some really cool new features just as its predecessor had. The tablet will also have the same celestial brightness.

According to some leaked evaluation tables, the Windows tablet will sport cellular connectivity through a Nano SIM card module.

Lumia 2020 Delhi Air Cargo

Smaller tablets are certainly a trendsetter. And after the release of the large screened Nokia Lumia 2520, it’s only right for the Finnish company to come out with a smaller successor. As its sibling, the tablet will run on Windows RT 8.1 and will be subjected to exclusive Windows features.

With a SIM card port and a stylus, Nokia is setting out to more connectivity and convenience for its customers. Although, no official dates regarding the launch of the tablet have been made, and no other specifications have been leaked out so far. However, the hopes of millions of Nokia fans and others has already been uplifted, thanks to the recent statistical leaks.