For years, the industrial giants, Apple and Samsung have been ultimate rivals. In the attempt to prove oneself superior to other, companies have come up with a number of different devices, featuring more or less the same things.

Samsung Electronics had proposed to impose a ban on the sales of Apple’s older iPad and iPhone versions in South Korea. However, the Seoul Central District Court dismissed the lawsuit that claimed that the Apple didn’t infringe Samsung’s technology patents.

Apple’s Korean spokesperson, Steve Park said, “We are glad the Korean court joined others around the world in standing up for real innovation and rejecting Samsung’s ridiculous claims.”

According to the court’s ruling, Apple didn’t violate neither of the patents for technology which included multi-tasking service while writing a text message. Amongst the three patents, two can’t be considered as Samsung’s unique.

The judge announced that Apple’s devices such as iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPhone 5 didn’t violate the Samsung’s patent on the message display and grouping features. Not only did the court rule against Samsung, and in favor of Apple, but the court also disposed Samsung’s claim of $95,100.

Last year, the same court had ordered Apple to pay Samsung 40 million won for violating the South Korean smartphone making company’s patents related to wireless technology. However, in the same case, Samsung was demanded to pay 20 million won to the Cupertino for infringing the bouncing back function of the Apple devices.

In the past one year, the two industry giants have fought two cases in California. The two companies and their never ending lawsuits aren’t only popular in South Korea and the US but also in other countries.

After the court’s judgement, which not only rejected all the allegations made by Samsung, but also invalidated some of the Samsung’s patents, the company said in a statement, “We are disappointed by the court’s decision. We will continue to take the measures necessary to protect our intellectual property rights.”