Yahoo Inc has apologized for a problem that had knocked out some users from accessing its mail service since December 9th. The internet based company had renovated its email services in October.

The Senior Vice President at Yahoo, Jeffrey Bonforte said in the post, “The issue has been harder to fix than we originally expected.”

In an important update, Yahoo apologized to its users through its official Tumblr page. The company claimed that the inconvenience to its customers was being caused due to some specific hardware problem in one of the company’s mail data centers.

The post assured Yahoo mail users “We have dozens of people working around the clock to bring it to a resolution.”

According to the post by Bonforte, the company was expecting that the users’ email access issue would be restored by 3pm Pacific Standard Time. By 5pm at the most users will be able to access their Inbox, send and receive messages claimed Yahoo. However, according to some updates, recent messages might not appear in the user’s Inbox immediately.

Bonforte further informed that the company would keep its users informed via its official Twitter account.

Such a problem can cause the company to huge loss as Yahoo has many rivals online. Ever since the chief executive officer of the company, Marrisa Mayer, had redesigned it’s email services, users have had innumerable complaints. From issues with the software with the easy access of emails, both the new and the old ones, users are clearly uncomfortable with this change.

These complaints didn’t cause as much damage to the company’s goodwill, as the user’s inability to access their Inbox since the 4 days has. Yahoo’s main rival Google and its Gmail, which is already in advantage for their impeccable features might just as well score a couple of points by Yahoo’s fall.

Having said that, Yahoo’s shares have dropped by 2.7% at yesterday’s close in New York, falling down to $39.16.