The majority of consumers who’re looking for a tablet opt for iPad, according to ChangeWave. The analyst firm has concluded the facts based on the purchase intentions of the new users in the vicinity of Christmas. Apple beats the entire competition, with a device that is rarely equaled by other proposals on the market.

According to data collected during November, as many as 72% of potential buyers who’re going to buy their first tablet this Christmas opt for iPad. This means that competition margin is too tight — only 28% — and it shows that the Apple iPad is still synonym of tablet.

Well! It’s not all because Apple has also improved its position by 17 points compared to last summer, thanks to the launch of the new iPad Air and refurbished iPad mini with Retina Display. Both iPads were announced for the upcoming holidays, and the study cites that 55% of respondents are eager to get their hands on an iPad Air while 16% would love to have iPad mini w/ Retina and 2% are interested in an iPad 2.

ChangeWave iPad 2013 Survey

While, the rivals are battling for 28% share, which includes Android-based Galaxy lineup and Nexus lineup (9% each), Amazon’s Kindle Fire (5%) and Microsoft Surface – the only challenging in growth – attracts 8% of total.

Undoubtedly, the iPad Air has captured many hearts and minds, primarily because of the lightness of the device and the new ultra-compact design, the added strength of iOS 7 and the large repository of apps available on the App Store. In conclusion, we can say that Android smartphone market share exceeds the Cupertino, but there’s still a lot of road to be traveled to undermine the unchallenged rule of the iPad.