The ability to block some follower you absolutely despise, and ensuring that they have no access to your tweets whatsoever, would have made the whole Twitter experience truly amazing? Or so thought the San Francisco based company. Twitter, in its attempt, to live up to its customers expectations made certain profound modifications. This time, the social networking website, had taken a wrong turn and was forced to restore one of its key features of blocking any unwanted follower by peering at the posts.

In a blog post, Michael Sippey announced on Thursday that the Twitter team had changed the way the block function. Having said that, the team decided upon reverting the change following the innumerable feedbacks the website received from its users.

“We never want to introduce features at the cost of users feeling less safe,” read the blog post.

Although, Twitter confirmed that the users that were blocked prior to the changes will remain blocked. The modifications, however, became ineffective after the Twitter team was made to retrieve the changes back to the original block function which enabled the blocked user to retweet, like and peer at messages for the accounts made public who had blocked them.

Twitter’s original feature was a result of the idea that one could block a user without alerting him or her of being blocked. While a lot of people on the microblogging site were tensed about being stalked, and the previous block function didn’t entirely block the user’s account by giving him access to view the tweets only not allowing the user to tweet you. However the new modifications had resulted in the unwanted followers being blocked entirely from your Twitter account.

On the other hand, some obnoxious Twitter users weren’t satisfied with the modifications brought in by the Twitter team. In an attempt to be heard, a lot of people started using the hashtag #RestoreTheBlock.

The people involved in this attempt to restore the old settings didn’t just include stalkers. It didn’t include them at all. Twitter has always been a website to stay connected with celebrities and their lives. A lot of Celebs have blocked some of their fans and haters for various reasons. In spite of being blocked earlier, the users had access to the celeb’s tweets. However, with the implementation of the new changes, they had no access to the celeb’s account.

The social networking site didn’t compromise on thanking its users for giving them accurate feedback. Despite the changes brought in by the Twitter team had a good intention, the users’ satisfaction is the ultimate goal of the website. So as most users wanted the changes to be reverted, their wish was fulfilled.

Sippey, however, said that he was intended to protect his users and; therefore, the company would come up with some other alternatives to guard their users against abusers and stalkers.

“Thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to build the best – and safest – Twitter we possibly can,” said Twitter’s Vice President of product, Michael Sippey.