In a sudden move, the social media giant Facebook has decided to enter the competitive world of TV advertising by introducing video adverts that will appear in users’ news feeds.

The adverts, when launched, will appear in every user’s news feed, playing automatically – though sound will be activated only through user click, which calms down the whole situation. It seems that this is a move to grab the user’s attention, allowing marketers to plunge money into Facebook, being creative with their digital content at the same time.

Facebook’s video advertisements are very similar to generic videos that can be shared by a friend, in the sense that after a video ad finishes, users can opt to replay it or view related ads. However, in order to avoid these annoying video ads, just simply scroll the feed. There is good news for mobile users that these videos ads will have been downloaded in advance, and it will only happen when your device will be connected via Wi-Fi, to avoid excessive use of bandwidth. Could you imagine wasting all of your data just because of an advertisement?

Post by Facebook for Business.

The introduction of this feature builds on the fears of Wall Street investors, who in the past have expressed their feelings and concerns about Facebook not fully capitalizing its 1.1 billion users. It also sheds more light on the situation when company executives back in August said that they intended to charge advertisers a whopping sum of $2 million a day.

These Video ads are way different from Page post video ads as formers one is a premium feature, specially designed to convey the message to a large number of people. However, Page post video ads will work in more targeted ways to sustain the initial campaign messages.

Several critics are claiming that it will make users less active on Facebook, but it’s an initial, limited test and its future will depend on the test results, says Facebook.

There’s no specific roll-out date for the advertisements, though the first ad, promoting the new film Divergent which stars Shailene Woodley and Winslet, is expected to hit some feeds this week. Let us know what you think.

Source: Facebook for Business