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Google: No to toolbars on Chrome Web Store


Google on Thursday announced a major update to the policy that governs the publication of multi-function add-ons and components on the Chrome Web Store. The most important change rules out all extensions to have only one function, so as to make it as easy as possible for users to understand what they do.

So goodbye to the multi-function extensions that adversely affect the performance of the browser and modify the interface significantly.

Easy and fast browsing experience has always been the foundation of Chrome browser, right from the start. Simplicity is important because in the past, the browser has become increasingly complex, with very heavy UI that distracts from the content of the Web page, which must be at the center of everything instead.

The announcement comes from the official blog, with a post signed by the engineering director Erik Kay. They have also banned the toolbars or those horizontal stripes that are placed below the address bar at the top of the interface, thereby helping to reduce the space available to display the content. The attached image below explains very well what Google is talking about.


It’s a strong and clear stance on the name of transparency and clarity. Although, Google is already aware of the decision consequences as it may create some problems and inconvenience to developers. Therefore, the new policy will come into effect from June 2014 for already published extensions. In this way, programmers will have the time to make the necessary changes, or divide a component among more new add-ons. For those are new on the Chrome Web Store, the regulations apply right from now.

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