The moment has finally arrived for those who want to liberate their iDevices running iOS 7. And, it might be the best Christmas present you get this season.

Disclaimer: We don’t encourage jailbreaking/hacking/piracy or any other alternatives in any manner to break proprietary things. Inferse isn’t affiliated with any website/developer mentioned in this post.

After a long security research and experiments, Evad3rs have managed to release the iOS 7 jailbreak. The jailbreak is compatible with every iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, running the latest iteration of iOS. In addition, luckily enough Evad3rs also were capable enough to deliver us an untethered jailbreak, meaning that your computer will not have to consult in the powering on process.

Well! We haven’t tried it, but 9to5Mac’s Seth Weintraub has confirmed that it took five minutes on an iPhone 5s and works with any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad mini running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.4.

To jailbreak your device, head up to where you will be gridded with download links for both Windows and Mac, and a handful of info, that will walk you through the procedure.

The website warns you for some possible issues you might face after jailbreaking your device,

  • Warning! Over The Air updates of iOS 7 are known to create an issue and make the jailbreak fail. Some devices are then stuck on the Apple Boot Logo. Until we fix that, please restore your device to 7.0.4. with iTunes first.
  • Warning! Many Cydia tweaks are not yet compatible with iOS 7. Please always backup your phone before installing new tweaks from Cydia as your iPhone could be stuck in the boot process. The situation will improve as developers will update their software.

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