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Motorola granted a patent for smartwatch with flexible display


Google seems to ready to enter into smartwatch market right before the beginning of the rumble as recently a patent has been published at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Motorola may release a smartwatch with a flexible display on the market. Interestingly, the patent was filed by the company back in 2012.

In particular, the document describes a flexible chassis module that can be coupled to a flexible display module. The methodology allows the bending of an electronic device with a flexible display to get a curved form. So that Motorola’s smartwatch will not only have a flexible display, but will also feature a flexible frame with components that fit perfectly in a device of this kind. In the patent reports, no real details on smartwatch are mentioned, but there’s an explanatory image that makes us understand how aesthetically it would look.


Time to time rumors have been circulating about Motorola and Google working together on smartwatches, however, we never heard any official announcement. The Mountain View group along with Motorola have already released several patent applications— in the past— related to such wearable, which draw attention of consumers, and Google shouldn’t miss the opportunity to enter this segment of the market with its own product. Other big names like Apple, Microsoft and LG are also gearing up to introduce their smartwatches while Samsung has already unveiled the first-gen Galaxy Gear and reportedly prepping for Galaxy Gear 2.

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