While the Apple fans have been discussing the umpteenth delay of the Mac Pro, the Chinese media has touted news related to the future iPhone 6. It has already been mentioned that the next version of iPhone will have a larger screen, and now it turns out that it’s likely to be 4.8 inches. And that’s not all because it seems that the device will be produced only by Foxconn.

“We believe Hon Hai [Foxconn] will be the sole assembly supplier for the new model given its sufficient manpower and flexible capacity for mass production,” Andrew Chang, a Taipei-based analyst at Deutsche Bank, wrote in a note to investors dated Dec. 17.

Chang explained that it would help the historic partner of Cupertino to grow the total iPhone shipments — including the iPhone 5S and 5C — by 13% (about 140 million units) in 2014.

The prediction of 4.8 inches display seems pretty obvious because Apple certainly won’t want to disregard the rule of “one eyeball, one thumb” — the ability to reach every corner of the screen with your thumb — as the much-vaunted iPhone 5.

Although this year the Chinese juggernaut has won virtually 100% of the orders of the iPhone 5S, and Apple expanded its horizons by assigning iPhone 5C production to the rival, Pegatron. According to estimates, the Compal Electronics of Taiwan could get 7% of the iPad assembly orders (current 69 percent) due to the possible entry of a new product in the manufacturing process. The title in manufacturing, however, is new to the speculations and Apple doesn’t seem to be confirmed by other sources.

According to the bank, Pegatron’s 31 percent share of the iPad orders is likely to hold at about 30 percent next year.

In terms of features of the iPhone 6, finally, there is little to add. The time isn’t yet set to launch in the round of leaks and rumors, and we expect only a complete redesign — as happens after every “S” version of the iPhone — and the integration of some biometric sensors, in addition to the already integrated Fingerprint reader, Touch ID.