Apple is reportedly prepping iPhone 6 and iPad Pro and could release the two devices in May and October next year, speculates DigiTimes. Despite contradicting with the traditional schedules, the new launch timings seems to be true as the Cupertino could renew the iDevice lineup – current iPhone 5S, 5C and iPad Air – as well as the launch.

According to reports, Apple is to begin production of the iPhone 6 with a 20nm processor, slightly large display than the iPhone 5S, and the components provided by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and the launch is scheduled for May 2014. While DigiTimes didn’t mention any further details about the next-generation iPhone’s specs, other sources claim that the device will feature a 4.8-inch display.

In addition to iPhone 6, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro or iPad Maxi – the moniker is yet to be set – is also in the pipeline, the sources speculated. The tablet is slated for the October launch and will be appealing both business world and educational universe. It might be a hybrid device between iPad and MacBook Air, and manufactured by Quanta Computer, Apple’s partner for decades. The size of display hasn’t yet been confirmed, but in any case, it seems not to exceed the 13.3 inches from the initial 12.9 inches.

ipad laptop

The over-sized tablet is expected to adopt the same processor, performance as its predecessor, iPad Air. It’s being considered as a substitute of the 11-inch MacBook Air, the sources noted.

If Apple were to release a 12.9-inch tablet then for the first time when the Cupertino would have been following the rival Samsung, which is about to unveil 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro in CES 2014.