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Microsoft Surface RT sales reported to cross 1.5 million

The Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets have been making good sales in the market. According to sales reports, Microsoft Surface tablet sales have crossed 1.5 million units. The sales estimate for Microsoft Surface RT tablets was expected to be somewhere around 900,000 units, but Bloomberg reports that the company was able to sell over 1 million units of Surface RT tablets in just a month. At the same time, Microsoft Surface Pro has also been making good sales and the company has shipped around 400,000 units.

Microsoft Surface RT and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are getting a lot of attention in the tablet market. Even though both these tablets have a powerful hardware and clear display, the above figures indicate that consumers are attracted more towards Microsoft Surface Pro tablets which are more powerful than the Microsoft Surface RT. The Surface Pro gives consumers a lot of advantages over the Surface RT including the fact that Surface Pro can easily run legacy applications.

It seems that Microsoft’s Surface RT is not being able to reach the sales estimates made by the company. Microsoft does not give out the actual sales figures yet and we will not be able to say for sure whether the Surface RT is losing its edge or not. Bloomberg also said that Microsoft ordered around 3 million Surface RT devices, and if this report is correct, it means that the figure falls inline with the one that was estimated by the Wall Street Journal.

Even though Microsoft has not officially commented on the sales figures of Surface tablets, we do recall the CFO of Windows Tami Reller saying that the company would “provide some updates on how things are going.” We have been waiting for updates and hope that we get them soon. Recently, the Surface General Manager Panos Panay revealed to The Verge saying  “demand is higher than we initially intended for Pro to be.” This does indicate that Surface Pro is in demand and might very soon take over most of the sales from the RT.

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