One of the new Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone nicknamed “Moneypenny” is likely to be the first dual-SIM smartphone of the Lumia family. It’s revealed by @evleaks, who posted an image of the start screen.

For a quick note, Codenamed “Moneypenny” seems to be branded as the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 possibly, depending on configuration. One will debut in the market with support for a single SIM while another will be boast a dual-SIM slot. According to reports, the Finnish group, recently acquired by Microsoft could introduce both devices officially during the Mobile World Congress 2014, held in Barcelona in the month of February.

moneypennyAs you can see the screenshot of the home screen aka start screen. There’re two network signal indicators, which confirm the fact that the phone has two SIM cards installed. Secondly, the Lumia screen would be characterized by the soft keys at the bottom of the screen, which indicates that the smartphone won’t have physical buttons. Finally, we note that cellular networks are marked as 3G, and it probably means that the Lumia 630 won’t feature 4G LTE connectivity. Besides, it’s being said that the variant, Lumia 635 may be the one with support for 4G networks.

The dual-SIM phones aren’t so popular in the United Sates, but the first choice in emerging markets such as India and China, where the presence of Nokia is more important. The first dual-SIM Lumia is expected to debut in stores in 2014.

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Source: @evleaks