Our reader Heather Hamilton from Ohio has reported that her Galaxy S4 suddenly caught fire and burned her finger on December 6th while charging.

In an email to us this past week, the person said that she plugged her Galaxy S4 in to be charged, walked to the Kitchen and abruptly “noticed a burning smell.”

“I walked over to the counter and the battery port was smoking and the white charger was turning brown,” he wrote. “Out of instinct I grabbed the charger to try to disconnect it from my phone, in doing so, the plastic stuck to and burnt my fingers (minor), but you can see where the plastic pulled from the charger. I grabbed the cord and pulled and the wire connecting to the charger that meets the port came out. The whole time, the phone is still burning. I go to the sink, grab a glass of water and dump it on the phone.”

To collaborate her story, the reader shared lots of pictures and a video of her red Galaxy S4 – purchased in July this year. She said that she contacted Samsung and sent it to them, and recently she received the phone back, stating “Your phone is beyond repair.”

The reader says “What if I had not checked it when I did? Would my house with my 4 year old in it burned down?” and that could be a serious problem.

Here’re some pictures of her burned up Galaxy S4.

She ended her story with this: “It seems that World largest smartphone supplier is a business oriented company not a consumer oriented company.”

This is the second incident of an allegedly exploding Samsung product in this month. Recently, a YouTube user, GhostlyRich uploaded a video of his burnt Galaxy S4 while the phone was also on charging.

Smartphones and other electronics can, and occasionally do, explode, and over the years, Samsung had a history of such incidents, but sadly, Samsung should have tried to help their customer rather being rude.

Inferse has contacted Samsung for comment on this story. We will update this story when we have more information.


  1. I saw a video on Youtube of a guy with the same issue and Samsung refused to fix the phone unless he pulled his video. The woman in the article should already know there is no such thing as customer service for the middle class and yes it is about getting your money.

  2. Hi All,

    I had a galaxy this summer that caught on fire while charging. The bed caught on fire as well and I had to put it out with my fire extinguisher. Samsung did replace my phone about a month after we first spoke on the phone. I had to ship the phone to Samsung and then the phone was shipped to Korea. I called weekly for updates and told them that I wanted the phone shipped back to me but I still have no received it. I thought they were going to send me a check for the huge hole in my bed and for my ruined sheets, comforter and pillows(That cost me 300 dollars alone)… I have not received anything from Samsung and they stopped responding to my emails. I am very disappointed with them. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt by not posting the video/ photos online. If you would like see the photos send me an email at matt.boone.usa@gmail.com 2.17.2014

    Take Care everyone

  3. This is what happened on Sunday 09/03/2014 at approximately 12:30 am I put my Samsung S4 on charge as normal. The alarm was set for 04:30am ready for work on Monday. At 04:30am when the alarm sounded I smelt something burning as I got up to turn off the alarm it was then I noticed how hot the S4 was and the charging cable was stuck inside I turned off the charger at the mains and pulled out the charging cable which then reviled the devastating effect of the S4 burning. Seeing this happen was something you always hope doesn’t happen to yourself If the alarm was not set as it could of happened over the weekend things would of been a lot different.

    Me and wife are re-thinking how to make things different in the future as we sleep with our kids we would not want any harm to happen to them.

    It’s been very distressing as you can imagine and a lot has changed we only charge our phones when were awake now and where we can see our phone.

    But on the back of our minds I guess were always going to be over cautious as we can’t trust the technology these days. It has ever since put alot of strain on us as we really need to know how it all occurred.

    My kids are only very young and just to think if this was to happen over a weekend I don’t really think we would be here today.

    I have had nightmares if things were different & the length I would of gone through to save my two children and my wife.

    I really really can’t say much else as i’m already in tears writing this e-mailing to yourself and bringing back memories on that Monday morning.

    I’ve also posted a video on YouTube which has gained over 1000 views to share my experience with others.


    Sanjay Thukral
    Civil Servant


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