Our reader Heather Hamilton from Ohio has reported that her Galaxy S4 suddenly caught fire and burned her finger on December 6th while charging.

In an email to us this past week, the person said that she plugged her Galaxy S4 in to be charged, walked to the Kitchen and abruptly “noticed a burning smell.”

“I walked over to the counter and the battery port was smoking and the white charger was turning brown,” he wrote. “Out of instinct I grabbed the charger to try to disconnect it from my phone, in doing so, the plastic stuck to and burnt my fingers (minor), but you can see where the plastic pulled from the charger. I grabbed the cord and pulled and the wire connecting to the charger that meets the port came out. The whole time, the phone is still burning. I go to the sink, grab a glass of water and dump it on the phone.”

To collaborate her story, the reader shared lots of pictures and a video of her red Galaxy S4 – purchased in July this year. She said that she contacted Samsung and sent it to them, and recently she received the phone back, stating “Your phone is beyond repair.”

The reader says “What if I had not checked it when I did? Would my house with my 4 year old in it burned down?” and that could be a serious problem.

Here’re some pictures of her burned up Galaxy S4.

She ended her story with this: “It seems that World largest smartphone supplier is a business oriented company not a consumer oriented company.”

This is the second incident of an allegedly exploding Samsung product in this month. Recently, a YouTube user, GhostlyRich uploaded a video of his burnt Galaxy S4 while the phone was also on charging.

Smartphones and other electronics can, and occasionally do, explode, and over the years, Samsung had a history of such incidents, but sadly, Samsung should have tried to help their customer rather being rude.

Inferse has contacted Samsung for comment on this story. We will update this story when we have more information.