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Windows Phone 7.8 update rolled out – fixes Live Tiles bug

Windows Phone 7.8 update

Windows Phone 7.8 devices recently received a new update which had the build number 7.10.8860.142. This update was intended to fix the problems present regarding the Live Tiles in the operating system. However, it turns out that the company did not roll out this particular update to fix that problem.

Microsoft already rolled out a second Windows Phone 7.8 update which is supposed to fix the Live Tile problems. This new update had the build number as 7.10.8862.144. Microsoft even updated its Windows Phone history page to show this newer build. The change notes officially state that the Live Tiles feature has been fixed. The update fixes ‘performance issues from a previous update.’

It so happens that the first update was responsible for the Live Tiles to stop their updates and at the same time caused Windows smartphones to use up a lot more battery power than it should because of the bug that caused the Live Tiles to generate continuous web requests. As soon as this particular bug was found, Microsoft stopped the rollout of the Windows Phone 7.8 update and started working on the fix. It seems that the Live Tiles bug has finally been fixed and the official update rollout will continue once again.

Even though the new update has fixed the issues associated with Live Tiles not updating on the platform, there seems to be another problem that has surfaced. A user on Reddit said that he was no longer able to sync his Google contacts and calendar after resetting the phone

Windows Phone 7.8 google contacts

This bug caused problem to a user named Blorgon who uses a HTC Radar. In order to test whether this new bug actually exists, he hard reset his device hence removing all the data present in the phone. Then he updated his device to the latest version of Windows Phone 7.8 through Zune. After the update, he found out that he could no longer sync his Google contacts or calendar when setting up a new Google account to sync.

So does this mean Microsoft was able to fix the Live Tiles bug but in the process gave rise to a new bug? Or is this the result of the decision made by Google to not support the addition of new Exchange ActiveSync accounts. Whatever the reason, Windows smartphone users might have a new problem before them.


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