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The NFC-NEKO Mystery Boxes have sold out on Binance NFT marketplace and will be donating thousands of dollars to animal rescue charities chosen by the celebrity cats. Apart from the $15k USDT worth of prizes and incentives for NFT holders, NFC-NEKO is bringing one of the celebrity cats to the metaverse in a very unique way.
Taiko has partnered with the Web3 marketplace Highstreet to take NFC-NEKO, in particular Mr. White aka White Coffee Cat, into the exciting space of metaverse.
Designed by Paris-based Maxime Girault, the NFC-NEKO collection brings together some of the most influential cats known to web3 to create NFTs that cross between cute, meme, and cyberpunk.
To take NFC-NEKO beyond an NFT drop, Taiko enlisted Highstreet to push the boundaries and translate the NFC-NEKO drop into phygital (products that exist both in physical and virtual form). Complementing the NFTs on Binance, the NFC-NEKO Phygital, limited to 140 pieces on Highstreet, will come with multiple elements.
First is Girault’s design for Mr. White piloting a bright silver meka-cat with blue and lilac accents translated into a physical rug. Measuring 73 x 80 cm, the rug features the iconic meka-head of Mr. White. Made from the highest quality of polyester, the microfibre rug perfectly encapsulates the durability and quality of meka Mr. White.
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Pairing with the rug will be a digital version of it that residents in the Highstreet metaverse will be able to use as exclusive decor in their virtual real estate.  The digital version will also provide exclusive access to a meka cat cafe inspired by the Mr. White meka-cat design, where drop owners will be able to hang out, participate in exclusive events, and form a community around the Mr. White NFC-NEKO story in the same way NFTs across 2021 have begun to enable new communities and identities to form.
Beyond internet sensation, Mr. White is also a cancer survivor – at 1 years old, he was diagnosed with Kidney cancer and survived through 25 weeks and has since been in remission for 5 years.
“We believe the story and brand that Mr. White has built is a perfect foundation to create this phygital drop. Web 2.0 gave so much shine to physical cats to be digital feline celebrities; we want to bring exemplary examples of these creators such as Mr. White in the metaverse and really allow the followers and supporters of this brand story to interact with each other in new ways” – Jenny, co-founder of Highstreet
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