CES 2014 is around the corner, and alleged photos of upcoming devices have been hitting the web every minute. This time, our favorite leaker @evleaks, posted a screenshot on Twitter showcasing the Lumia 635 home screen.

What pinched our interest though is located in the status bar on the very top. Yes! It’s a 4G logo. The LTE compatibility indicates that the device won’t be a dual-SIM phone; hence it will be headed to developed cellular markets such as EU and the US.


The vast majority of phones in emerging markets such as India, China and other countries nearby, pack dual-SIM module. Just a week ago @evleaks posted an image of the Lumia 630 with dual-SIM, which appears to be the Lumia 635 counterpart for the emerging markets.

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The Fin Company will unveil the device during Mobile World Congress 2014, held in Barcelona in the month of February. There’s no official word yet regarding its specs, though after scrutinizing the screenshot we assume the handset’s screen size will be around 4.2 to 4.5 inches.

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