The sales of Chromebook showed an unexpected surge during the holiday season of 2013, representing about one-fifth of all laptops sold in the United States while those devices based on Windows and MacBook have been fair.

The report is coming from NPD Group, which emphasizes that laptops with Chrome OS have seen a rapid growth during these holidays, accounting 21% of all notebooks.

“Year to date through November 2013, 14.4 million desktops, notebooks, and tablets were sold through U.S. commercial channels, leading to a 25.4 percent increase over 2012,” reads the report. “Chromebooks accounted for 21 percent of all notebook sales.”

Share-of-Unit-Slaes-US-Comm-ChannelAccording to the data tracked by the firm, desktops grew 8.5%, notebooks 28.9 %, and tablets increased 49% over the same time period in 2012. However, the Windows notebook got a share of the U.S. market amounted to 34.1% — down from 42.9% the previous year — while the Apple MacBook recorded only 1.8% of the market compared to 2.6% in 2012.

The figures show how the Chromebook has begun to steal a significant share from the Windows notebook. In addition, Apple Macbook also doesn’t seem to have a healthy market with recent devices, though it’s negligible, but down by 0.8%. NPD Group has highlighted the growth of Chromebooks only, and it’s phenomenal – grew 9.6% from 0.2% in 2012.

As per, Acer’s C720 and the Samsung Chromebooks have made entry in the current list of best-seller while there’s no Apple device up to 14th place (15.4-inch MacBook Pro). Additionally, 4 of 15 most sold laptops are Chromebooks while 10 are based on Windows and only one is a MacBook.

So it’s true now that the Chromebooks are hurting sales of Windows laptop, but especially the MacBook. Although, Apple’s premium quality products will likely continue to be in the market, thanks to those who want a luxury, but the percentage of these people seems to be decreasing due to the greater availability of low-cost devices with Chrome OS.