Winamp, which was about to shutdown could come back, thanks to the acquisition by an online radio aggregator, Radionomy.

Earlier it was reported that Microsoft was showing some interest in it, but now the news is coming directly from TechCrunch, claiming: AOL could seal the deal with Radionomy this Friday. The acquisition not only involves Winamp, but also Shoutcast, the platform often used to create and distribute web radio stations.

The first signs of this transition were discovered by some users of Winamp Discussion Board who noticed that Winamp’s name servers were transferred to Radionomy, but not Shoutcast.

[one_half]Afterwards, the well-known tech website TechCrunch “learned from a reliable source that the deal is for both properties and should be finalized by Friday,”

As per WHOIS history, the name servers’ details were updated on December 30, 2013.

Radionomy, based in Brussels, Belgium offers tools to easily create your own radio station. Currently, it has a catalog of about 6000 radio stations, and the addition of more than 50 thousand Shoutcast stations with the ability to create new autonomously without any major technical problems would be a huge benefit to the service.

AOL hasn’t commented on the matter yet, but indeed all lovers can breathe a sigh of relief.