The mobile division of Sony has been busy making only Android smartphone for almost four years, but now it’s about to enter in the world of Windows Phone. It’s being said that such a device could debut in the market sometime mid of 2014.

Sources familiar with the Japanese giant’s plan have reported that the Company is preparing a smartphone from some time that will run Windows Phone 8 natively. However, it isn’t yet clear whether the phone, first in the series will join Xperia family or the VAIO brand.

If the rumor about the phone proves to be true then it would be good news for Microsoft, which is currently relying only on Nokia to push Windows Phone on the market. A phone with similar features to the Xperia, but with the Windows Phone 8 platform and the brand name like Sony could indeed succeed where other competitors have failed, such as Samsung, HTC and LG.

Besides, Microsoft is also in talks with the Chinese company ZTE for the development of an entry-level smartphone, to be offered in the US, European and Chinese market.

Hence, Sony could be the next Microsoft partner. The duo have already designed several prototypes to explore the potential of this partnership and have already had numerous discussions. Surprisingly, the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft hasn’t deterred Sony from seeking a partnership with the Software maker. FYI, the Nokia deal hasn’t been concluded yet because the two sides have yet to negotiate licensing costs and reach agreements for the proprietary software and services.


  1. Great news 🙂
    Right now I’m using Lumia 920, and by the end of this year I’m planning to buy a new set. It would be great if Sony joins WP8.


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