Apple iWatch development seems to be in a lurch as the smartwatch production has encountered problems and the consumer launch may slip further during 2014.

Well! It’s not known when it will debut on the market. On the contrary, Apple’s plans aren’t even certain about the watch during 2014. But, the rumor mill has churned again about the iWatch, an intelligent wearable by Apple. Today we have learned from DigiTimes that Apple is facing some mysterious production problems.

The Chinese news website is not always reliable source of rumors but still being relevant about the Apple’s development. According to reports, there would be the slowdown in the production of iWatch due to its body design. It’s “reportedly seeing less than 50% yield rates due to difficulties applying surface treatments on their metal injection molded (MIM) chassis.”

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a metalworking process where finely-powdered metal is mixed with a measured amount of binder material to comprise a ‘feedstock’ capable of being handled by plastic processing equipment through a process known as injection mold forming. – Wikipedia.

Although, it’s too early to talk about Apple’s smartwatch, but at the same time, Qualcomm’s Toq also seems to be delayed due to the same reason. Earlier, it was also reported that Apple had shifted its focus on the launch of the new iPad with a huge retina display, and consequently, iWatch has taken over the back seat.

Apple has always been very strict for the quality standards so much so that sometimes it becomes very difficult to reach a satisfactory result soon. However, we can still speculate some positive results, especially because the wearable details aren’t in the wild and the official statement is yet to come from California.