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It was never Galaxy S5 in metal case; it’s Galaxy F


Samsung is preparing a premium smartphone featuring a metal case, but it wouldn’t be the Galaxy S5 as previously planned, but a completely new device, the Samsung Galaxy F.

According to the Korean blog ETNews, the first prototype codenamed Project F, with metal case would have been developed in Europe while the actual production will be moved to Taiwan. The customer launch will likely take place during the first half of 2014, probably alongside the expected Galaxy S5 that will continue to have a plastic case like all predecessors from the family.

Without a doubt, a majority of customers have been looking for a phone by Samsung covered with metal shell. And, insistently, the South Korean manufacturer has opted for a metal design for the phone, but the Company has already chosen to continue plastic shell for Galaxy S series while offering a premium solution: Galaxy F.

Based on the previous rumors, we already learnt that the Galaxy F would have a Quad HD (2560 × 1600 pixels) display and other high-quality components that would make it superior to the Galaxy S5. The South Korean giant hasn’t yet commented, and we don’t have much information about tech specs of the smartphone.

However, the question to ask is whether you really need another range of Samsung products. The company has already released a large number of devices belongs to Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and other Galaxy series. Offering a wider choice to consumers is a good thing, but the excessive may also confuse. Moreover, you may see another premium series, the Galaxy M, which goes to flank the S and Note range

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