If we examine the past few years, we notice all the premium smartphones by Samsung are getting bigger and bigger with each new generation, but their form factors have never really changed since the first model.

This time, Samsung seems to opt for a new design for the upcoming Galaxy S5 or Note 4, according to a patent filed by the South Korean group at the US patent office (USPTO).

As you can see the two pictures, there is virtually no bezels around the display. These have become thinner over time, and Samsung could eliminate them altogether with a new device. The Company has also said to bring touch buttons, which would be a big change for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note range. While, the overall shape of the project resembles the HTC One or the forgotten HTC One X +.


It’s worth to note that the design is missing the S Pen, so the concept more likely refers to the Galaxy S5 or future smartphones from the series, but not to the Galaxy Note. In any case, it would be interesting to see how Samsung thinks of something else. The device characterized by such a design would be extremely slim, compact and with a very small frame — a virtually absent front hood — useful to hold the camera module and a number of sensors.

Samsung-Patents-Smartphone-Design-2Being an intellectual, it’s not certain that the South Korean company really decides to take advantage of this design for one of its upcoming devices, and no comments have been received yet from Samsung.

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