The Google Glass could arrive in stores in April for $600 while the prescription lenses (unofficial) would be extra, for $99. These are the latest anticipations that haven’t yet been confirmed by the Mountain View.

There have been many speculations about the release date and price of the expected augmented reality goggles. The first wave at $1,500 was offered to developers, but there’s no doubt that Google can’t actually sell the Glass at such a high price. Although, it’s probably the most anticipated wearable device advertised last year, but $1500 isn’t feasible to an average consumer for a tech gadget.

Recently Robert Scoble, a tech journalist and an early adopter of Google Glass has anticipated the consumer launch slated for April 2014, at least in the USA.

As of now, what’s certain is that Google Glass is really coming to the public as the Company has opened the Explorer program for all who have subscribed the Google Play services. And, it’s a clear sign of the availability of the wearable, which is now almost ready to debut in stores.

In related news, the Rochester Optical — NY based manufacturer of corrective lenses – has explained how they’re developing prescription lenses for Google Glass, which will reportedly to be sold “in early 2014” for $99. However, Google has already cleared that there is no relationship between Google Glass and Rochester optics, and may be they are working independently.