It’s official. Samsung is all set to unveil the Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress 2014, to be held during February 25 to 27 in Barcelona, Spain.

During a press meet in Seoul, Dong-hoon Chang, the vice president of design strategy at the helm of Samsung was asked about the possible launch of the Galaxy S5 at MWC, and Chang replied “about right.” Well! It hints clearly that Samsung will be announcing the successor of Galaxy S4 in late February, or early March as the exact date is still under a lot of speculation.

He also said that the Galaxy S5 would be made of a “new material” – possibly aluminum body — while the flexible display still in question. According to previous reports, the Galaxy S5 will continue the traditional plastic shell, but after his words, it’s being speculated that the Galaxy S5 would have two variants: one with usual plastic shell and another premium variant with a metal body as Galaxy F.

The Galaxy F would reportedly be a limited edition, equipped with QHD display and Exynos S processor as well as costlier than the plastic one. The Galaxy S5 will be launched in Q1 of 2014 while the Galaxy F would arrive later this year.

Besides, Samsung could also set new standards for the industry by including its recent innovations in the premium version such as the first LPDDR4 RAM that consumes 40% less energy and 50% faster than its predecessor, LPDDR3 RAM and the flexible display with 2K or 4K resolutions.

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