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Apple will soon release Budget iPhone with a variety of color options


Once again, there has been news about a ‘Budget iPhone’ in the making. This time it was Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst who has not only predicted that Apple is working on a budget iPhone but has also given out a report that lists the various features on the new cheap iPhone.

Ming-Chi Kuo has had a very good and trusted record when it comes to predicting the future products of Apple long before the products actually make it to the consumer market. He said that the budget iPhone is expected to be announced this year. He also made an interesting statement about this new iPhone saying ‘Apple decided the specs of the cheaper iPhone in 2011.’ He also said that Apple will not change these specs because of the changes in the market as consumers have started shifting towards large screen devices. If this rumor is true, then it also means that Apple might not really be planning for a bigger screen smartphone.


So Apple might once again stick to its 4-inch display screen and Retina display but with an improved hardware and camera which will be the key changes in the next budget iPhone and the iPhone 5S.

Here is a list of everything we know about the budget iPhone:

  • 4-inch display
  • Dual-core processor
  • PowerVR graphics
  • GB of RAM
  • 8 MP Primary Camera
  • 1.3 MP Secondary Camera
  • Fingerprint reader and NFC
  • Super thin plastic casing with glass fiber
  • Variety of colors just like the new iPod Touch
  • Flat plastic back just like the new iPod Touch
  • Thickness of about 6.5 to 7.0 mm

Kuo said that Apple will take a lot of inspiration from the latest generation of Apple iPod Touch and we assume that iPad Mini will also have an important role in the design of the new iPhone.
Stay in touch and we will let you know more when we have detailed insight about the budget iPhone and/or the iPhone 5S.

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