We can’t say that iWatch, Apple’s intelligent smartwatch is still in the design phase. Last week, a possible delay in the roadmap of iWatch development reported due to the difficulty of achieving an ample quality aluminum body. Now, it seems confirmed as Apple could further delay the launch for some technical and personnel reasons, and we might see the iWatch by the end of 2014?

According to some rumors, The Information has come into possession that the main problem of iWatch isn’t just the aluminum body because Apple is also in a real dilemma to decide the screen technology — whether classic LCD or OLED – for the iWatch development, primarily due to battery issues.

Apparently, Bryan James who worked on iPods and patented a watch-like device, has left Apple to join the Nest, run by Matt Rogers. And now, Apple would have been looking for a replacement that would further delays the iWatch project.

Despite these obstacles and the aforementioned consumer launch by the end of 2014, neither the features nor the hardware characteristics of the wearable have been revealed yet.

It’s been nearly two years, and it’s still a secret how Apple will realize the dream of biometrics clock. In related news, Apple is now ready to jump on the bandwagon of OLEDs with support from LG, but the game seems incomplete without RiTDisplay.

Also, a question is still unanswered. Who will be the partner companies for the assembly: Foxconn, Pegatron or any? All that remains is to wait for now until we hear something from the Cupertino.

Let’s see how things turn inside-out now! Share your thoughts in comments.

Source: The Information (via Business Insider)
Image credit: ciccaresedesign