Watching TV shows on your gaming console will be expanding further in the future. At the 2014 International CES, Sony announced PlayStation Now that allows users to stream games, TV shows and movies, live events and on-demand streaming of the TV series using Gaikai’s cloud technology. Even though, you will be able to record and save them to watch later.

At the moment, there’re no details about the subscriptions and their pricing models. A beta program will be started in the end of January, in the United States, followed by full roll out this summer, so it’s likely that more information will be disclosed in the early months of the year while as far as Europe and other regions are concerned, the wait could be longer.

“We always talked about it as an industry, but we’ve never been able to bring that together,” Kaz Hirai, the CEO of Sony said in a roundtable with reporters.

Sony has also plans to expand it to iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In fact, users will be able to stop watching content on a device (console, smartphone or tablet) and continue it at a later time on another screen, taking up exactly the same point.

“We are not trying to compete with the cable operators,” he said. “We just want to try to bring that service a little more seamlessly.” So it’s clear that Sony has no intention to enter into competition with other organizations that serve such paid-service.

While, it’s unclear whether Sony will continue to maintain the online platform, Video Unlimited once the PS Now is launched. Video Unlimited is a part of Sony Entertainment Network through which you can access movies, music and games in SD, HD and 3D.