It’s always good to take the whole thing with pliers when it comes to the weather, but it’s pretty okay to trust the forecast done by Gartner. The firm today touted the spread of various platforms available in the market over the next two years. Stand out on all the numbers of Android, it’s expected that for the first time, billion devices will be sold in the course of 2014.

To be precise, as shown in the following table, 2014 has just begun, and the number of Android devices sold is expected to reach 1,102,572 units, then grow further in the next twelve months up to 1,254,367 units. The follower, Windows will stop at an altitude of 359 855, and iOS and OS X Apple devices are placed just below with 344 206.

Gartner OS Forecast 2014

Rounding out the rankings of smartphones BlackBerry (15,416) and products based on Chrome OS (4,793), Overall 2,474,414 devices will be sold this year.

In the growth of Android ecosystem, India and China are going to play a major role as those relating to the size of territories, whose populations are huge and being the two major tech adopters in recent years. Although, other manufacturers such as Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, Meizu and Xiaomi will also be continuing to show excellent results especially in the Far East countries, thus confirming the goodness of the formula is to offer smartphone (or tablet) at affordable prices in spite of compromises in terms of tech specifications or performance.

According to Annette Zimmerman, an analyst at Gartner, this will increase even more in the future, and the gap separating the sales of Android than Apple’s iOS, usually offered at a higher price.