Life would be getting tougher for thieves if they steal electronic devices, at least in case of Apple’s iDevices. A story is coming from Scotland that reveals how the cloud technology may go well beyond the simple and disconsolate irony. A thief who stole an iPad has been identified and arrested thanks to iCloud.

John Jeffries, 43, from the Scottish town of Perth, had stolen an iPad, from his neighborhood, of Bute Drive on November 2. Perhaps unaware of the proper functioning of the tablet, he didn’t notice that the rightful owner had enabled the automatic backup of the photos on his iCloud account. And a picture taken on the device also went straight to the Cloud; hence it not only makes easier to identify the thief, but also records the area and location. The details later shared with Police, and they opened the doors of the prison for John.

Apparently, the man wasn’t new to the judicial, and has been charged 72 times over the last decade for petty crimes, including thefts and muggings, and mostly dictated for drug abuse. Caught red-handed has admitted that he broke into a house in his neighborhood on November 2, and stole two iPads. “A photograph was taken which was uploaded to the iCloud and information from there led to the location.” He said.

Last August, he also admitted stealing food at a local supermarket, driven by hunger and lack of money. Thus, as pointed out by the defense, the man’s position is peculiar, and he will “not going to involve himself in this sort of behavior again” and will focus on his family and resolve to be free of drugs.

However, it seems that the prison will be inevitable, and he would have been condemned to 8 months prison.