It’s official! Microsoft has confirmed that the smartphones with Windows Phone 8 will receive the upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1. The new version of the mobile OS is likely to arrive at the Build 2014 developer conference, which will take place from April 2 to 4, in San Francisco, CA.

About three months ago, some third-party software vendors had expressed their doubts about the possibility of installing Windows Phone 8.1 on older devices.

Everyone remember the “bad impression” of 2012, when Windows Phone 7.x devices couldn’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 because both releases are based on two completely different architectures (Win CE, against Win NT).

[one_half]And that time, many users had expressed their anger against Microsoft, but now Microsoft doesn’t want to take any chance again. So the transition from Windows Phone 8 to 8.1 involves no such problem.[/one_half]


Unlike Windows Phone 7.x, Windows Phone 8 is upgradable to 8.1


“We will not have the same experience as we had when Windows Phone 7 was upgraded to Windows Phone 8,” Greg Sullivan, Windows Phone director of public relations at Microsoft said to ComputerWorld. “We won’t run out of head space on Windows Phone 8 any time soon.”

He has also noted that the Company has a policy to support the platform or device for 36 months after its launch. Hence, Windows Phone 8 Life Cycle started on December 14, 2012 and will end on January 12, 2016.

However, Sullivan didn’t comment on the availability of the update, but it’s being said that Microsoft will be introducing Windows Phone 8.1 this spring during the Build conference.

According to the latest rumors, Microsoft has already completed Milestone 3 of the development. Windows Phone 8.1 features are still a secret, although the notification center, a personal assistant called Cortana like Apple’s Siri and separate controls for volume are expected.

He touted again about the future smartphones as they will continue to use the brand name “Nokia” after the complete transition of Nokia acquisition in the first quarter of 2014.



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