Nokia is continuing to enhance the user experience on its Lumia phones, running Windows Phone 8 with the rollout of each software update. Today, the Fin Company officially announced the Lumia Black software update along with Windows Phone Update 3 aka GDR3 for Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 worldwide, followed by other Lumia phones in the coming weeks.

Along with the rollout, they have detailed the features of Lumia Black in the latest entry on the official blog. It’s the third software update for its latest Lumia range, following Lumia Amber in late September 2013.

In terms of new features, the Lumia Black software update comprises a number of its old and new proprietary apps and accessibility features.

Lumia Black software update in detail

AppFolder. Undoubtedly, it’s a new addition for Lumia smartphones and quite similar App Folder for Android, which lets you organize similar apps and settings into one folder, and can be pinned on your start screen.


Nokia Glance screen 2.0. The newer version indeed got improved compared to the previous version, introduced with Amber update. Now Glance screen includes more notifications such as phone message, email, outlook, calendar or any apps that use notifications. In addition, it also adds two new colors (green and blue).

Lumia-Black-Glance-UpdateNokia Refocus. The app lets you take a photo first and choose what you want in focus later, although it’s already available on the Windows Phone store and requires 1GB RAM or more.

Nokia-RefocusNokia Beamer. This app has received significant changes over its previous version and renamed as Nokia Beamer – formally known as PhotoBeamer.

Nokia-BeamerNow, users can “beam documents, presentations, anything you like, to any HTML5-enabled screen by simply scanning a QR code on the screen.” It also requires 1GB RAM or more.

Nokia Camera. The combo of Pro Camera and Smart Camera app, released last year, now available for all Lumia smartphones. Moreover, now it’s become the default camera app, and users can now take pictures without entering the PIN – by press and hold camera button for few seconds — to unlock the phone


Nokia Storyteller. The app debuted on the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 late last year, and now comes to the Lumia line-up. It arranges your photos, by date and by place along with additional metadata to serve seamless interactive user experience with maps.

Raw DNG support. After installing the Lumia Black update, Lumia 1020 get raw DNG support that further improves the image quality with a new oversampling algorithm. Now, in the settings of the camera, an option has been added to choose the format and resolution of pictures: JPG (5 MP), DNG (38 MP 4:3) or DNG (34 MP 16:9).

Bluetooth LE. With the Lumia Black update, your Lumia device consumes less battery while Bluetooth turned on and will be able to connect with compatible gadgets like Adidas MiCoach accessories.

In addition, the Update 3 for Windows Phone 8 also brings a series of new things such as driving mode, screen rotation lock, custom ringtones, faster pairing mode with windows 8.1 pcs over Bluetooth, app switcher for fast closing of the app, Wi-Fi connection during setup and better storage management.