Microsoft will give the first glimpse version of Windows 9 — codenamed “Threshold” — during the Build 2014 developer conference, which will take place from April 2 to 4, in San Francisco, CA.

The news is coming from Even though, there’s no confirmation from Redmond but considering the seriousness and reliability of the source, the news is almost a certainty. On stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Microsoft may or may not release a developer preview of the Windows 9 release as the dev team has yet to decide which features to integrate, but a glimpse of the future of Windows ecosystem is expected. In any case, the consumer launch has already scheduled for April 2015.

Apart from this, the Build 2014 will be more important as Microsoft will release Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Phone 8.1, which will give ample space to the conference for developers. In addition to Threshold, the beginning of the merger between Windows Phone and Windows RT is also in cards.

According to Paul Thurrott, “Threshold” will be called Windows 9 to “distance the company from the Windows 8 debacle,” because it seems destined to follow the footsteps of Windows Vista.

There would be no alpha version of Threshold for developers for one simple reason because the development has yet to be started. The software maker will update the user interface, developing “Metro 2.0” to eliminate all the flaws of Windows 8.x modern apps that will run inside a window in the desktop environment.

Maybe Start menu will return in Windows 9 – it’s also expected in Windows 8.1 Update 1 aka GDR, but questionable. Meanwhile, a screenshot has been leaked of the GDR and there is no sign of returning Start menu.


Before hitting the RTM version, there would be three “milestone” builds, but the details of moniker and distribution to the public is still a mystery.

The roadmap calls for the launch of Windows 9 in April 2015. This means that Windows 8 will be replaced after less than three years. Despite its good features and a free upgrade to Windows 8.1, the operating system didn’t have the expected success on the PC market (in crisis for nearly two years) and the mobile market (dominated by the iPad and Android tablets). Hence, more than a major release, Windows 9 will be a “Real” revolution.


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